David Glaser, LCSW

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David Glaser is a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) who provides psychotherapy to children, adolescents, and families. His psychotherapy practice uses a collaborative, holistic, and evidence-based process to help meet clients’ needs, whatever they may be. In addition to incorporating mindfulness techniques throughout his practice, David is a Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional (CCTAP) and is currently finishing extensive training as a Certified ADHD Professional (ADHD-CCSP) and Certified Mental Health Integrative Medicine Provider (CMHIMP). He also specializes in treating depression, grief and loss, and parenting and familial relationship issues.

David is the creator of Adventure Links Clinical Programs, a wilderness-based camp for teens that addresses specific mental health issues while participating in backpacking, rock climbing, caving, paddling, and other outdoor activities. David also offers to conduct weekly therapy sessions outdoors.

Prior to receiving his Master’s degree from The Catholic University of America and creating Adventure Links Clinical Programs, David spent nine years honing his craft while working in wilderness and wilderness therapy programs. During that time, David led extended trips in the Southeastern United States, the North Woods of Minnesota, the deserts of Utah, as well as Costa Rica and Belize. By the time David moved to northern Virginia to begin his Master’s program, he had spent over 650 days in the wilderness working with young people.