DBT Skills Group: Managing Emotions

This skills course is designed to help young people achieve balance by learning to experience emotions in less extreme ways, and with less behavioral reactivity. The group will learn skills that can help develop a life that revolves more around purpose than crisis, and with connection more than drama in relationships. The group runs for 16 weeks and is divided into four skills: Mindfulness, Emotional Regulation, Distress Tolerance and Interpersonal Effectiveness.  A new skill is taught every four weeks, and group members may join at the beginning of any module, provided there is space.  Group members are expected to also attend individual therapy with a provider familiar with DBT skills, to provide additional support as they learn new coping strategies. DBT is considered an effective, evidence-based therapy started in 1991 by Marsha Linehan and is specifically designed for patients who struggle with intense, hard-to-manage emotions

Goals and outcomes of therapy:

  • Understand what emotions are, how they function, and how to experience them in a way that is not overwhelming
  • Tolerate emotional pain without resorting to self-harm or self-destructive behaviors
  • Use “mindfulness” techniques to live more fully in the present moment
  • Reducer stress and anxiety
  • Increase emotional and behavioral self-regulation
  • Improve problem-solving and conflict resolution skills
  • Evaluate and enhance relationships